What happened to the Mini Movies membership?

We are pleased to announce we now have a Mini Movies membership available again in our Pick One membership type! The Mini Movies Pick One membership includes access to all mini movies in our mini movies category for $199. Click this link to see this membership.

We stopped offering the Igniter Mini Movies Legacy membership in February 2018. 

Why we made the change:

We found that the Mini Movies Legacy membership was our least popular and most under-utilized membership. Meaning, people paid for it, but did not download enough mini movies to justify the cost higher cost. For that reason as well as many others, we’ve decided to discontinue it, but think people will be glad to find a cheaper alternative with the Mini Movies Pick One membership. Mini movies are also included in the Essentials and Premium memberships.

We’ll continue to support the Mini Movies Legacy membership until all of the memberships purchased prior to February 2018 reach their expiration. 


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