Why did the price increase for your Retitle Service?


We are so thankful for our loyal members, and know that there have been a lot of changes to our services and pricing recently. Our goal is to explain our thought process around these decisions whenever possible.

One of the recent changes was a decision to increase the price of our Retitle Services. We love being able to offer text customization through our Retitle Services, but the $5 per Retitle Credit we were charging did not cover our internal cost to provide this service.

We feel that $10 per Retitle Credit is a fair market price for the value we provide in text customization for your church by a skilled Igniter graphic or motion designer. Please also note, you can customize the blank version of any graphic or motion. Or, with our One Title Graphics, Essentials, and Premium memberships, you can download the Photoshop files or After Effects projects of most products and customize them yourself. 

We love that this service is of value to many of our members, and we thank you for using this service. If you have any feedback or have additional questions please contact us directly at Info@IgniterMedia.com 


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