What is a Collection?

What is a Collection and how do I use one?

A Collection is a grouping of related media to help you build your worship service.  Collections and Sermon Series are curated and created by the Igniter team to help you quickly find what you need for a single week or an entire sermon series.

Collections /Sermon Series are groups of different product types with the same design aesthetic, to help you easily access everything you need for your service, print, social media and sermon preparation needs. So, a collection is a quick way for you to search for Mini-Movies, Title Graphics, Backgrounds, Countdown, Social Media and Print Media that all have a similar look & feel.

Depending on your membership type, you may or may not have access to all the product types presented in a Collection. 

You can access our Collections at this link, or by clicking on Media Library at the top left of the Igniter site, then clicking on Collections.

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