Worship Together Downloadable Options


Each song from Worship Together comes in a variety of downloadable options. Here's an explanation of what each of those downloadable options means:

  • The "Full Mix" lyric video - The lyric video synced to a full stereo mix that includes instruments and vocals.

  • The "Performance Mix" lyric video - The same as the "Full Mix," but with the lead vocals removed from the mix. (Background vocals are still included).

  • The "Click Mix" lyric video - This version uses the stereo mix as two separate audio channels—one side has a click track (with count-ins) and the other side has a mono version of the "Performance Mix."

  • The "Split Mix" lyric video - One side has a mono, instrumentation-only mix and the other side has a vocals-only mix. This is great for choral arrangements, or those rehearsals with the band before the choir shows up.

  • A "Hand Motions" lyric video - The 4 versions above are synced to the same visuals. This version combines the "Full Mix" audio with a video of someone teaching hand motions.

  • Audio versions of #1-#4.

These videos and audio files help give complete control over how you would like to manage your Kids ministry music.

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