Which of my cards on file will be charged for auto renew?

If you have an active membership and have opted-in to our auto-renew program, your account will be charged your renewal price on the last day of your membership. 

If you have opted-in to auto-renew and have multiple credit cards on your account, you may want to review your billing information before your card is charged to ensure the correct card on your account is charged. With multiple cards on an account, the credit card that will be charged will be the last card that was updated on the account. There is not currently a way to see which card was the last card updated. 

To avoid any confusion on which card is charged for your auto-renew purchase, you may consider removing any additional credit cards on your account that you do not want to use for an auto-renew purchase. 

How To Remove Credit Cards From Your Account

  1. To remove credit cards from your account, go to the Billing page within your account here
  2. Click "Modify" in orange listed to the far right next to each credit card on file as seen below:Untitled-1.png
  3. After you click, "Modify," scroll to the bottom of the form and click, "Delete Payment Profile." This will remove the credit card from your account.


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