3 Ways to Customize Igniter Title Graphics

With more than 10,000 graphics currently available, title graphics is our largest and most popular product category. Something many users may not know is that there are a variety of ways to customize title graphics to make them your own.

1. Photoshop, Powerpoint and After Effects

Igniter provides media that is ready to use, but we also provide files with many graphics so you can customize them yourself to make them your own. See a title graphic with an image you like, but the text on the graphic isn't what you want? You can utilize Photoshop and PowerPoint files to easily change out the text on most title graphics. You can also change the text on our motion graphics with After Effects files. 

Because we provide content from a variety of producers, not all content available on the website is the same. Here are a few links that may help to find what you need. 

2. Retitle Services

With an active membership, members can take advantage of our retitle service. This service allows you to have our designers change the text for you on graphics in the original font. It's a great time-saver, and people who use it once come back again and again. Find out more about our retitle service here. If you're a member, click this link to see how many retitle credits you currently have. 

3. Utilize Blank Graphics

Igniter title graphics include not only the featured design but also alternate slides and a blank version of the graphic. If you don't want to change the text using the methods above, another way to customize the graphics is to download the blank version of the graphic and add text on top using a third-party website or app. AdobeSpark is just one example of a site and app where you could do this for free. 

Simply download an Igniter title graphic, then upload the blank version of the graphic to AdobeSpark, and add any text you'd like on top. 

Have other ways you like to customize Igniter graphics? Let us know in the comments below!

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