How to download on mobile and post to Instagram

Graphics can be downloaded from the Igniter website to a mobile device. See the video below for steps on how to do that using an iPhone. This specific video example shows how to download the portrait size of a graphic and post it to an Instagram Story. See below the video for written out steps.

To download from mobile and post to Instagram:

  • Go to on your mobile device and log-in.
  • Find a graphic you want to download, click the download button
  • Click "Download," then "Open In," then, "Save to Files."
  • Find Files on your phone, select the zipped file, then click, "Preview content."
  •  Click the download arrow in the bottom left corner of your page, then click "Save Image" to save the image to your photos.
  • Open the Instagram app and post an image or story using the downloaded graphic.
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