How-To Videos For Your Essentials Membership

Getting Started

There's a lot you can do in your Igniter Essentials membership! We made a few short videos we think will be helpful for you as you look for the best ways to use and navigate the website. 

Helpful Videos

We made a series of videos to help you with the best ways to get started using the website. Click to watch ones that are most helpful to you:


Getting Started (1 of 4)

A quick walk through of the Media Library, homepage, and search features. 


Title Graphics (2 of 4)

Learn the ins and outs of title graphics and how they can work best for you. 


Mini Movies (3 of 4)

Make the most of the mini movies category to find the perfect sermon illustration video for your service.


Worship Backgrounds (4 of 4)

Tips on unique ways to utilize filters and search in the worship backgrounds category.


Have Questions?

Have questions? We're here to help! Just send us an email at if we touch on anything in the videos that would be helpful to talk through over a call. Thanks!  

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