Why We Stopped Offering Banner Printing

For many years, banner printing was a part of the service to customers through Igniter. We initially printed those banners in-house, but we then went on to partner with a great print company called ChuchBanners.com. The volume of banner orders had dropped significantly, and by the end we were essentially just the middle man to help get a banner printed. What we've realized recently is what we are adding to the process is not as helpful to our customers vs. them just placing the order directly through ChurchBanners.com.

For that reason, we have removed the option to buy a physical banner through our site, but you can use ChurchBanners.com, or any print company, to print one of our banners you download from the Igniter site.

How To Place A Banner Order Through logo-final-hd_1597069208__01058.webp

If you would like to print a banner through ChurchBanners.com, here are the steps to do so:

1. Find a vertical or horizontal banner you'd like from Igniter. You can find the vertical banners here and the horizontal banners here

2. Download the JPEG or PDF from the Igniter site onto your local device if you want to print the image as-is. You can also download the Photoshop file and upload it to ChurchBanners if you'd like them to change the text on the design for you, they just may be limited to what fonts are available. 

3. If you want to print an outdoor horizontal banner, upload the image on ChurchBanners here. If you want to print an indoor vertical banner, upload the image on Church Banners here

You can find pricing and shipping options from the pages at the links above. 



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