Why was I charged?

Unless you elect not to participate in the auto-renewal option, your current level of membership will automatically renew on the date your membership ends.*

To easiest way to cancel the annual automatic renewal feature is to visit the Membership page. Or, if you require additional assistance, you can contact Customer Care at 1-866-840-1826. 

Auto-Renew Policy

Your membership will automatically renew on an annual basis, giving members the benefit of not having to worry about signing up for an Igniter membership year after year. You may opt-out of auto-renewal billing at any time. 

How do I cancel auto-renewal for my membership?

Members can cancel auto-renewal billing for their subscription at any time before it auto-renews on their membership end date by going to the Membership page at this link. Just uncheck the Auto-renewed enabled box that looks like this:

*Attention churches in Texas. If your account has been marked as tax-exempt in the past, sales tax will not be charged at the time of auto-renewal. To confirm if your account is tax-exempt, send us an email at info@ignitermedia.com

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