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This article will be broken up into two distinct sections: how to cancel a free trial, and how to cancel a membership purchase.

How To Cancel A Free Trial

With a free trial, users get just a taste of what it's like to have unlimited downloads for an entire year with an Igniter annual membership. A free trial can be canceled at any time before it rolls into an annual membership. If you have not canceled your free trial before it ends, your account will be charged and you will roll over into an annual Igniter membership.

When you cancel your membership, your ability to download content included in your free trial will end immediately.

To cancel your free trial:

  1. Go to Membership page within your account here
  2. Click "Cancel Trial Membership."
  3. Should you choose to start an annual membership, you can do so at this link: https://www.ignitermedia.com/memberships

See in the image below where to click to cancel your free trial inside your account:


How To Cancel A Membership

Because our products are digital in nature, it is not possible to cancel a membership that has been purchased once a download has taken place since the membership purchase. If the account has 0 downloads since the membership purchase, and the request is made within one month of the charge date, a cancelation may be requested. 

Members can enjoy having full access to unlimited downloads until the membership expires. Once it expires, the membership will end and there will be no more charges if the user has opted-out of auto-renew.

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