How to Order a Motion Retitle

Igniter motions with text can be retitled. Please note, only the text on the motion can be changed. 
To retitle an Igniter motion:
  1. Find the motion you want to have retitled.

  2. If the motion can be retitled, you will see a "Retitle" button next to the design. Click the "Retitle" button to retitle the motion.

  3. Fill out the form and let us know what you would like your motion retitle to say. Please note, submitting a motion retitle does not place your order. We will call you and confirm your order before we begin work on your motion retitle. 

How Much Does It Cost?

A Title Motion can be retitled for 12 Retitle Credits.

When Will I Receive My Completed Designs?

Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery.

What Format Will Be Delivered?

MOV and MPEG1 file formats are available in either SD (640x480) or HD (1280x720).

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