Retitle services

Retitle Your Designs

Personalize the title or subtitle text on Igniter designs.


How Does It Work?


When Will I Receive My Completed Designs?

1 Retitle Credit = 2 Business Days

2 Retitle Credits = Next Business Day

4 Retitle Credits = Same Day*

*Same day orders must be submitted before 12 pm CST


What Format Will Be Delivered

JPEG and PowerPoint file formats are available in both standard and widescreen. Get the Photoshop file for your retitled design for three additional Retitle Credits. Please note, the Photoshop file will not include the original fonts used by our design team.


How Much Do Retitle Credits Cost?

See the cost of Retitle Credits below. Note, that when you purchase over 10 Credits, you begin to receive bonus credits when you purchase. 


What can be retitled?

Title Graphics created by Igniter. Those can be found at this link

Sermon Bumpers created by Igniter. Those can be found at this link

Can I retitle a motion graphic?

Some motion graphics can be retitled. Here is a link to Igniter motion title graphics that can be retitled. A motion retitle has a cost of 12 Retitle Credits and will be delivered within 5-7 business days.

How Do I Purchase Retitle Credits? 

Igniter members can purchase Retitle Credits at any time through the Retitle Orders section of their account. 


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