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The Graceway Linked Accounts functionality inside Proclaim will work if you had a Graceway Membership and linked it to Proclaim prior to March 4th, 2018. New Igniter members will not be able to link their accounts to Proclaim at this time. The content and accounts are “frozen” in time as of March 4th – the day before we merged Graceway and Igniter. 

If you did link your account prior to March 4th, you will be able to access Graceway content inside Proclaim. If you linked your account prior to March 4th and your membership with Igniter has ended, if you renew your membership with Igniter, you will regain access to all Graceway content through March 4th, 2018, inside Proclaim.

How to access your old Graceway Linked Account:

  1. Using the upper right-hand corner BLUE icon > select “Link Your Accounts…”:

  2. Click “Enter Info” for Graceway Media:

  3. Enter your Graceway email/password as it existed as of March 4th, 2018 – NOT your updated Igniter email/password (if different):


  1. Select “Media” > “Browse Media” from the top menu dropdown: 

  1. Select “Graceway Media” under “Collections” from the left-hand filter section:

 You should see 14,338 results.

All of the same membership-level access rules apply: If you had a Graceway Unlimited or Igniter + Graceway/Igniter Plus membership, you have access to everything that is here. 

If you had a Graceway Basic/Igniter Basic membership, you will only have access to still images.

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  • I know this is an old article, but is there ANY way this will change with the new Igniter Media? I absolutely love Proclaim, but I also LOVED the integration with Graceway. I have recently purchased the Igniter subscription and would love to see this functionality return to Proclaim. Is there ANY way this will be made possible?

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  • Hi Josh,

    Thank you so much for letting us know this feature was useful and helpful to you. And also, thanks for your recent Igniter membership purchase! When we launched the all-new Igniter site last year with new producers and new product categories, a lot of things changed for both us and our members. Unfortunately, there are no plans at this time to return the functionality to the way it behaved with Graceway. But, you can download content included in your Igniter membership and upload it directly into Proclaim. I have passed your feedback on to our team for future consideration as well.

    Thank you for writing and for being an Igniter member!

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