Proclaim FAQ

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about Proclaim, Graceway, and Igniter. If you are looking for more information about linked accounts with Proclaim, you can click this link.

  • You will not be able to download any of the files from Proclaim locally – it is a stream-only service. You can download the files locally from the Igniter Media website. 

  • Proclaim offers Partner Media starting at $49.99/month. It includes a sample of Igniter content and previous Graceway content that Proclaim distributes. It is not the same as an Igniter Media membership in that you cannot download and keep the files forever. It does not include the Photoshop (PSD) or PowerPoint (PPT) files, and the other 12 producers on Igniter Media are not available through Proclaim.

  • Proclaim’s Partner Media is not a linked Graceway account and a linked Graceway account is not Proclaim’s Partner Media. A linked account allows previous Graceway members to access Title Graphics, Backgrounds and Countdowns produced by Graceway Media through 3/4/2018 available to active account memberships inside the Proclaim presentation software. 

  • Linked accounts are only available to previous Graceway members that had an active account prior to 3/4/18 and still have active memberships. No accounts that were started after 3/4/18 have linked account availability.

  • Igniter Media is exploring options with Proclaim to make content available from your membership to the Proclaim presentation software.  
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